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Which human populations have been sampled for SNPs?

We include SNP data from 928 human samples from the CEPH HGDP panel. These samples are from 53 populations spanning a diversity of geographic locations from Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia, Oceania and America. All samples were sequenced on the same platform and the SNPs were stringently filtered to ensure high quality and reliability. Please, read:

Cann HM, de Toma C, Cazes L, Legrand MF, Morel V, Piouffre L, Bodmer J, Bodmer WF, Bonne-Tamir B, Cambon-Thomsen A et al.
A human genome diversity cell line panel
Science, 296, 261-262 (2002)

Find here a map of the migration history and geographical distribution of the samples.

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