Release 2.0
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Gene Report for SPG00001676_2.0
GeneMethionine-R-sufoxide reductase 1 (SelR1)
SpeciesOchotona princeps (Pika)
DescriptionThis protein belongs to the methionine sulfoxide reductase (Msr) protein family which includes repair enzymes that reduce oxidized methionine residues in proteins. The protein encoded by this gene is expressed in a variety of adult and fetal tissues and localizes to the cell nucleus and cytosol. (NCBI)
FamilySelenoprotein R
Synonyms Selenoprotein X (SelX)
Selenoprotein R (SEPR)
Subfamily Methionine-R-sufoxide reductase 1 (SelR1)
Synonyms Methionine-R-sulfoxide reductase 1 (MsrB1)
Gene IDSPG00001676
Gene release2.0
External IDNone
Prediction method(s)
Promoter prediction (5000bp upstream, N/A) [Report annotation error]
Thermodynamic pattern-based SECIS prediction (SECISearch, 3.0) [Report annotation error]
(Selenoprofiles, Ensembl 68) [Report annotation error]
Conceptual translation (Translate, Standard code with Sec) [Report annotation error]
Structure gene structure

FeatureCol PromoterCol Coding exonCol Non coding exon (UTR)Col IntronCol SECIS
ResidueCol SecCol Cys or Other

Transcript(s) Promoter(s) Protein(s) Secis
Sequence SEQ00001674_2.0
External IDNone
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